Adopt a Public Place


  • Lack of low-cost, assured quality safe drinking water options making consumers vulnerable to water-borne diseases
  • Authorities are unaware of drinking water quality at different locations
  • No central oversight to asses quality of options or even if they are working or in need of repair
  • Plastic water bottles contribute to India’s public waste problem


  • Customized design serves the maximum number of people at lower infrastructural costs
  • Low-footprint public facing Water ATMs provide 24x7 availability of water at an transparent, affordable price
  • Continuous monitoring of real time field data and vital process parameters means stakeholders are guaranteed of water quality and project management.

Sarvajal Solution For Hospitals


  • Authorities unaware of water quality
  • Already vulnerable patients are more susceptible to water borne diseases
  • Depend either on expensive packaged water or low cost but unreliable sources

Our Solution

  • Purification plant and a network of floor-to-floor distribution of Water ATMs
  • Continuous monitoring of water quality.
  • Regular data reports for Administration
  • Ownership Structure Flexibility


Sarvajal Franchisees