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Piramal Water Private Limited is a for-profit social enterprise which creates affordable access to safe drinking water for the under-served at the last mile. This is accomplished through a wide network of decentralized safe drinking water treatment and distribution technologies. We operate through a growing base of local entrepreneurs and in collaboration with government agencies, philanthropic organizations and private companies.

    Sarvajal was founded in 2008 by the Piramal Foundation to develop market based models for providing clean drinking water at the base of the pyramid.

    More than 8.8 Billion litres of clean drinking water served, 100,000 served daily in over 6 states, 400+ jobs that encourage safe water practices in local communities.

    Fast Company named Sarvajal one of the World's top 10 most innovative companies in India for 2013.


  • Soochak

    Cloud-based remote monitoring systems combined with best-in-class reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration units provide real-time intelligence, quality management, and reduced operational costs.
  • Water Atm

    Cloud-managed, solar-powered, cashless vending ecosystem that enables availability of clean drinking water 24 hours a day at the very last mile.
  • Sems

    Customized ERP that manages water enterprises from source to consumption. Integrated with the Soochak, Water ATM,and with service, maintenance, and supply chain operations.


Sarvajal partners with entrepreneurs, companies, philanthropic organizations, non-profits and agencies around the world to deploy drinking water solutions for communities, facilities and institutions. Our unique decentralized purification-cum-distribution model can be custom designed to suit your requirements.


  • Brand Connect

    Backed by the Piramal Group, Sarvajal is the most trusted Decentralized Water Solution available in the Indian Market.

    Potential Business Opportunity

    Requires Low Upfront Investment and guarantees high and rapid revenues through performance-linked incentives.

    Sarvajal Service

    With Sarvajal you get the advantage of 24/7 Call Centre Support, Business Consultancy and Local Advertising & Marketing Support.

    Foremost Technology

    Became a part of the Sarvajal revolution of real-time impact tracking through cloud connected devices like Soochak and ATM.

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  • Why Adopt ?

    In low income communities, every second visit made to the doctor is related to a water borne disease. An average family might end up spending upto 10-15% of monthly income on medical and associated expenses. Sarvajal believes, the key initiative to ensure water availability and to help people to come out of the vicious circle of poverty led by frequent sickness is through a sustainable provision of low-cost safe drinking water on a pay-per-use basis.

    In the world of philanthropy and welfare state a lot of public money outlay is being made in the name of installing purification machine. Sadly and unfortunately, in most of the cases, the purification plants break down or lie unsed over the long run. Hence, the under-served remain un-served.

    Through "Adopt a Community" solution, Sarvajal brings a fresh approach of partnering with foundations and charitable organizations to create sustainable acees to safe drinking water for the under served.

  • Sarvajal Solution for Villages

    The Problem
    High cost of transporting water through centralized infrastructure, lack of physical infrastructure at the last mile, absence of awareness particularly regarding health-risk association with water and dearth of affordable alternatives lead to poor drinking water habits in rural areas contributing to the high incidences of water borne diseases.
    Sarvajal Solution
    Safe drinking water provision in villages is achieved through Sarvajal's hub-and-spoke model. The water purification plant provides safe drinking water which is distributed using Water ATMs installed at convenient locations. Sarvajal products are easy to operate, energy-efficient and establish price and quality accountability even at remote rural locations.
  • Sarvajal Solution for Slums

    The Problem
    Dilapidated slum infrastructure, local politics, irregular supply, neglect of Municipal Authorities and high prices of domestic water purification units - all contribute to the inclement dangers of acquiring and drinking water from urban water supplies.
    Sarvajal Solution
    Safe drinking water provision in slums is achieved through Sarvajal's hub-and-spoke model. With a reliable source of electricity and raw water, the water purification plant provides safe drinking water which is distributed using Water ATMs installed at convenient locations.
  • Sarvajal Solution for Schools

    The Problem
    It is vital to provide safe drinking water in public schools which cater to low income students. Disease and discomfort from unimproved drinking water leads to poor academic performance and learning that percolates into a lifetime of hardship.
    Sarvajal Solution
    Sarvajal can, depending upon the ground realities, either set up a point-of-source treatment cum distribution model (recommended for urban schools) or a distribution only model through a network of Water ATMs (recommended for rural schools) to assure access to safe drinking water for the school students and staff.
  • Sarvajal Solution for Hospitals

    The Problem
    In hospitals, the top priority is health. Immuno-compromised patients are particularly susceptible to water-borne illnesses and it is therefore of heightened importance that the water they drink is reliable and safe. Patients and attendants are forced to choose between purchasing expensive packaged drinking water or procuring drinking water of questionable quality from local vendors or consuming free water from rarely cleaned community tanks.
    Sarvajal Solution
    Sarvajal will place a purification unit on hospital premises to serve patients, employees and visitors. Furthermore a floor-to-floor distribution network of Water ATMs can ensure easy access to staff.


Typically, Institutions face challenge of catering to drinking water needs of large number of workers and in some cases, even larger number of visitors. In many cases they opt for rather expensive and raw water inefficient point-of-use purification system with no reliable maintenance support. Alternatively, at many places, administration relies on purchasing even more expensive packaged drinking water. In sharp contrast to these, Sarvajal provides single machine solutions for such multi-storied, high traffic locations at effectively one-tenth of the cost.

  • Drastically reduce your drinking water bill by adopting Sarvajal solutions.

    Office Buildings &
    Housing Societies

  • Sarvajal's vending solutions provides the ability to monitor and even to monetize

    Public Places

Our Team

Sarvajal is led by a diverse team of experienced practitioners who are deeeply commited to the company's mission.
  • Vasu PadmanabhanChief Executive Officer
    Vasu is a B.Tech from IIT-Delhi and MBA from FMS-Delhi. He brings with him 28 years of rich experience in sectors like ...
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    Vasu Padmanabhan

    Chief Executive Officer

    Vasu is a B.Tech from IIT-Delhi and MBA from FMS-Delhi. He brings with him 28 years of rich experience in sectors like Real Estate, Telecom, FMCG and Durables. Prior to joining Piramal Water, he has worked at Motorola, DLF etc in leadership roles as CEO, Director, SVP and his last assignment was as a CEO in a low cost housing start-up.

  • Anuj SharmaChief Operating Officer
    Anuj is a development professional, designing and scaling up low-cost, market-based, sustainable solutions in rural India...
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    Anuj Sharma

    Chief Operating Officer

    Anuj is a development sector professional, designing and scaling up low-cost, market-based, sustainable solutions in rural India for last 11 years. He is an engineer by training and holds MBA from IRMA, is a recipient of Amul-Tata Scholarship. Previously, he led Pratham’s Rajasthan Chapter and Read Rajasthan Campaign for 40,000 government schools. He had been selected as a GSBI Social Entrepreneurship Fellow by Santa Clara University, California in 2012. Recently, he has been recognized amongst India’s most talented rural marketing professionals by CMO Asia.

  • Harish ManwaniGeneral Manager Operations
    Harish holds a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities from Rajasthan University and an MBA from ...
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    Harish Manwani

    General Manager Operations

    Harish holds a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities from Rajasthan University and an MBA from the University of Bedfordshire in England. He has joined Piramal Water from Pratham’s Rajasthan chapter where he worked in operations and finance.

  • Sanket AdeshraGeneral Manager Finance
    Sanket is an Associate member of Institute of Chartered Accountant of India and a post graduate from ...
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    Sanket Adeshra

    General Manager Finance

    Sanket is an Associate member of Institute of Chartered Accountant of India and a post graduate from Gujarat University. He is heading Finance Department and ISO 9001:2008 Compliance. Prior to joining at Piramal Water, he has worked in Finance Department at Zydus Cadila, Ahmedabad.


Sarvajal works with a variety of partners - International Philantrhropic Organizations, Foundations, Non Profit Organizations and Government Agencies - to deliver customized solutions for creating access to safe drinking water.

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  • PITCH Top 50 Brand List 2014 ::
    PITCH, a monthly magazine on advertising, marketing and media launched by exchange4media group, has recognized Piramal Sarvajal amongst Top 50 Brands in India.

    Frost & Sullivan - Enabling Technology Award of the Year 2013 ::
    The Frost & Sullivan Awards is a global program that recognizes outstanding industry achievements by companies across the world.

    FORCE Park Shared Value Award 2013 ::
    Instituted by FORCE in 2011, Shared Value Award is given to a for-profit business with the focus on co-creating low-cost innovative product or service to address the needs of the bottom of the pyramid segment of the society.

    Global Social Benefit Incubator 2012 ::
    The Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI®) is a hub for global, innovation-based entrepreneurship in service to humanity.

    The Tech Awards 2011 - Nokia Health Award ::
    The Tech Awards, a signature program of The Tech Museum of Innovation, honors 10 international innovators who are applying technology to confront humanity’s most urgent challenges.

    Sankalp Award 2010 - Health, Water and Sanitation ::
    India's most prestigious Social Enterprise awards recognizes the most sustainable and scalable enterprises.

    Ripple Effect Award 2008 ::
    Awarded under the Ripple Effect Initiative of Acumen Fund and IDEO, in partnership with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for improving access to safe drinking water for the world's poorest.


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